Talare DTG 15: Natasha Asimiadis

Natasha Asimiadis
Natasha is a consultant at Sigma Technology Solutions where she works as an Information engineer. She has been working at Sigma Technology since she finished her bachelor degree in Information logistic in 2015. She has always been an early adapter to the new IT-systems when they were introduced at her previous occupation and liked to know the logic of the user experience to make work more efficient. This brought her to her studies where she could combine her skills in good organisation, networking and information systems. At Sigma Technology she started as an Information engineer and worked with technical documentation for a customer. This included writing and editing requirement documents and making sure the end user would not misunderstand or misinterpret the information given. Moving forward she now works as a coordinator for the same department at our customer where she manages the different IT solutions for the incoming requirements and outgoing documentation.
The high and lows of a consultant
When she was studying she knew that she did not want to work as a consultant! Who was she to tell someone else with more experience than her what to do or not do?
Like any other work you have to learn and adapt to the different tasks and colleagues. The same goes for a consultant, if you have the drive to learn and listen to what people need you are up for the job! Usually the highs and lows for a consultant are the same situations; two sets off colleagues, information process at companies, being an ”expert”, who sees your work, delivery etc.