Talare DTG-2: Andrey Devyatkin

Andrey Devyatkin of Praqma is an eager beaver who is passionate about software development and development processes automation. During the years, Andrey has worked as a software developer, scrum master, build and release engineer, architect for Continuous Integration and Delivery infrastructure. Currently, Andrey is leading operations in the Swedish branch of Praqma, a home of automation geeks who choose to teach Continuous Delivery and do software development automation for a living.

Ämne: Distributed Continuous Delivery pipelines.
Have you ever thought about Continuous Delivery pipeline as of Internet of Things? Or how to build Continuous Delivery pipeline that can span across, teams, organizations, and even companies to enable seamless automation of delivery process? How do you integrate teams with heterogeneous development environment? Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis CI, etc. – all working as one being a part of the same pipeline. This talk about how the future of Continuous Delivery pipelines orchestration might look like.