Talare DTG-8: Dina Eid Musalam

Dina Eid Musalam works as a front-end developer at Softhouse Consulting Malmö. Previously involved in several projects,  from web projects, database driven websites, information architects projects to API, Rest and different script languages. Dina is also an author of a book based on two studies about security and privacy I smart home published in  2016.

Topic: How can we secure our privacy?
Homes with integrated state of the art technology are considered Smart Homes. A smart home has special systems which enable remote control via remote computer or smart phones.  Inside a Smart home, a legacy metering system called Smart Meters are installed offering new functionalities such as remote readings of power consumption, and different time usage of tariffs. Preliminary research has already indicated vulnerability attacks on smart meters which affect the privacy in smart meters. Privacy issues includes information leakage in real-time consumption data that is recorded by the smart meters.

I will present a solution by using a third part as a storage device. This solution has been simulated using network simulation tools and  the result shown that using this methodology can safely hide the user information.