Talare DTG-9: Jifeng Zhang

Jifeng Zhang is a DevOps Engineer/Site Reliability Engineer at Mojang AB. Before that he worked as a System Developer, Technical Configuration Manager, Build Engineer and DevOps Engineer since 2007 in Sweden in telecom, advertising, gaming industries, including companies like Telenor, Tele2, TradeDoubler, King and Svenskaspel.

Two main interests: Cloud and Continuous Delivery


Subject: Continuous Delivery in Gaming Industry

This lightning talk will focus on different ways of doing continuous delivery in Gaming industry. I will start by going back to the root: why do we want Continuous Delivery? Then by asking two important questions:
What is your product?
2) Who is your customer?

I will drive the talk to different ways of doing continuous delivery from my experience in Gaming industry, based on the answers of those question.