Talare DTH 15: Mattias Åhlander

Mattias Åhlander

Mattias is currently working as a product delivery manager at Fortnox in Växjö. He has a long history in IT with roles such as Product manager, Product owner, Agile coach and Scrum master in well known companies such as Klarna, Softhouse and Ericsson.

Working in teams

When you start your career as a developer it’s likely that you will be part of a Team since many companies follow the trend of working according to agile framework such Scrum, Kanban or similar. You might have (good and bad) experience of team work during studies, sports or other social activities. Are the same mechanisms for team relevant at work? – What’s good to think about when entering an existing dev team? – What type of dev team exists? – What can I expect from an onboarding? At Fortnox development of products and services are managed by full-stacked, self-managed DevOps teams. I will share some insights how is it to work in such an environment and how is it to get onboarded as a new team member.